Work Package 3 – Decarbonization

Electrification of the ship propulsion is a way to introduce clean tech-solutions with low or no carbon footprint. This will enable using multiple power sources in a hybrid setup for all ship types. Hybrid or fully electric solutions exist for short-sea ferries. For ocean-going vessels, hybridization has been trialled in order to run the main engine at optimal loads, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Full-scale operation for these vessels is not currently possible until an alternative fuel or power source exist that rival the reliability of marine diesel engines. The work package will focus on developing a test platform for clean-tech solutions with the aim of enabling full-scale emission free port stay for shipowners. The ladder is initially planned to be achieved through the coupling of fuel cell and battery technology, but the work package will continuously offer the test platform to clean-tech solutions within the overall objective of the work package and ShippingLab.