Hybrid H2 dredger for Hvide Sande Port

Task leader: HVIDE SANDE Shipyard, Steel and Service

Task number: 3.4

The primary outcome of this task is a viable, generic, hybrid, zero emission power solution that can be approved by authorities for a variety of ship applications. The learning and experience in the design phase, can be useful to other marine stakeholders, such as domestic ferry application, where zero emission battery solutions are expensive and challenging and hence of less relevance.

The solution will be validated in a dredger vessel in Hvide Sande and developing an innovative, zero emission hybrid propulsion concept and an innovative, efficient dredger plow system for a new dredger vessel to operate commercially in Hvide Sande Port.

In Hvide Sande, a local climate initiative formed by Hvide Sande Port, Hvide Sande Fjernvarme and Hvide Sande Skibsværft are forming a large de-carbonisation project for the port, where 3 existing wind turbines, 3MW (owned by Hvide Sande Fjernvarme) will produce hydrogen through electrolysis. The heat from the electrolyzer will be utilized in the local district heating network (owned by Hvide Sande Fjernvarme). The hydrogen will be compressed and stored in tanks and will fuel the new fuel cell dredger (owned by Hvide Sande Port and built by Hvide Sande Skibsværft). The new dredger is planned to go into service with its new, energy efficient dredging solution in 2022 and comprises four sub-projects, where task in ShippingLab poses an important puzzle piece particularly in the realization of sub-project no.2. :

  1. Production of hydrogen from local wind power sources and utilizing the surplus heat in the district heating network (led by Hvide Sande Fjernvarme, 2021-2024)
  2. Design (2020-2022) and demonstration (2022-2024) of an innovative hydrogen fueled fuel cell dredger for zero emission dredger service in Hvide Sande Port under realistic operating conditions (led by Hvide Sande Skibsværft).
  3. Design (2020-2021) and demonstration (2022-2024) of an innovative, energy efficient dredging plow to operate in Hvide Sande Port Area in commercial operation (led by Hvide Sande Skibsværft).
  4. Develop logistical system for dredger material removal and relocation of sub sea matter at final destination (led by Hvide Sande Port, 2021-2022).

The focus is on decarbonizing the dredger vessel and developing the energy efficient dredging system. The scope of this task contains the following:

  1. Specify customer requirements, incl. the specific operational power requirements of the vessel and prepare a detailed feasibility study for the dredger vessel, incl business case for dredger operations and development of financing models and financing plan for vessel and infrastructure.
  2. Design a hybrid power system with zero emission power technologies to supply both propulsion power and power for dredging operations without any harmful emission, such as CO2, NOx, SOx or particles.
  3. Perform necessary safety and risk analysis in order to obtain an Approval in Principle by the Class in accordance with IMO guidelines for alternative design /alternative fuels. (IMO 1456)
  4. Develop an outline design for the vessel with documentation, enabling the shipyard yard to calculate the cost of construction of the vessel for a bid to the end customer.
  5. Develop detailed project execution plan for the realization of the ship build and commissioning.
  6. Evaluation of the business case for up-scaling of the local green hydrogen zero emission concept for other maritime applications, including small ferries, coastal vessels, etc.

The innovative zero emission hybrid propulsion system on the vessel will be a hybrid electric power solution with batteries and fuel cells, using compressed gas hydrogen. The hybrid power system will be based on Danish Low Temperature PEM fuel cell systems fueled with green hydrogen from local renewable wind power resources, which is part of the “Hvide Sande Hydrogen Project”. The production of hydrogen is handled in a different project. It will only be addressed in this task for coordination and planning purposes.

The innovative dredger plow will be designed and developed in this project to efficiently and with a minimum of power consumption remove sea bottom material. The transport system and deposit of the material locally is handled in a different project and will not impact this task.

Task partners

HVIDE SANDE Shipyard, Steel and Service

Ballard Power Systems Europe

Odense Maritime Technology