Demo – Decision Support and Retrofit

Task leader: Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine

Task number: 2.8

This task is focusing on testing decision support as an add-on retrofit solution for large ferries, e.g.

  • Data logging related to navigation and manoeuvering from existing automation with the objective of implementing logging of automation system data of relevance to project.
  • Dedicated sensors for autonomy and data logging with the objective of installing autonomy dedicated sensors and log data synchronized with log from the automation system.
  • Scope of decision support with the objective of defining scope and functionality of decision support for DFDS vessel based on analysis of data from vessel.
  • Test and validate decision support with the objective of bringing decision support developed in tasks 2.2 and 2.3 on board, perform tests and gather experience.

Task partners

Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine


DTU Electrical Engineering