Connectivity and remote control

Task leader: Danelec

Task number: 2.4

The autonomous operation of a vessel has higher demands for a reliable and cyber secure communication between vessel and shore than for non-autonomous operation. This is at present new territory on regulatory, solution and standardization areas.

The task objective is to design and implement a remote access solution for the autonomous vessel that ensures that reliable, sufficient and cyber secure communication and remote control is available for autonomous operation of vessels in Danish waters and coastal areas.

The objective is to provide connectivity, both in normal and emergency situations.  It is judged that once a solution of this level has been designed, it will also be able to cover the lower levels of autonomous operation.

This scope simplifies approvals from authorities as well as allows use of reliable and resilient communication Medias between vessel and shore.

Ultimately, the main objectives are:

  1. Produce requirements for connectivity and remote control including cyber security aspects
  2. Produce system design
  3. Perform cyber security risk assessment on system design
  4. Implement connectivity solution, including cyber security risk mitigations
  5. Perform system integration and verification
  6. Installation and validation on board a vessel

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