Autonomous Supervision

Task leader: DTU Electrical Engineering

Task number: 2.3

This task is focusing on

  • Building intelligent supervision that includes assessment of external conditions and has a high level of intelligent behaviour
  • Designing a decision support functionality that can advise on remedial actions to ensure the vessel remains in a safe region of operation at all times, including conditions where sensors or machinery might have glitches
  • Determining mechanisms to communicate decisions to other modules within the autonomous system
  • Determining mechanisms to communicate such that rapidly comprehensible decision support is offered to both a navigator returning to bridge and a shore operator.

Update from task partners

The autonomous supervisor of the highly automated ship is the main intelligence of the vessel. It supervises several processes related safe navigation and it maintains an overview of the availability of systems and services on board. It reasons on severity of alarms and warnings related interior (e.g. equipment failure) and exterior (e.g. distress signals) events.

The supervisor helps communicating digested status information to a human navigator through a dedicated decision-support interface. Correct interpretation of a situation includes that the system is able to apply the traffic rules at sea to any possible scenario. Test and validation is done with simulated scenarios and with recordings from two and multiple vessel situations at sea.

Task partners

DTU Electrical Engineering

Logimatic Engineering