Automatic Optimized Coastal Routing

Task leader: COACH Solutions

Task number: 1.5

The overall aim of the project is to bridge the gap between ship and shore and improving the accuracy of the advice given by:

  • Enabling the vessel to work in the same tools currently used by the vessel operator when planning the route to allow master’s suggested route(s) to be compared with the recommended route.
  • Increasing the accuracy of the calculated routes using navigational limits to increase faith in the system so there is a larger chance the recommended routes will be followed and reducing the need for manual adjustments before route execution.
  • Supporting export to common ECDIS data formats for smoother execution of recommended routes.

The outcome of the project will be a software library, which can be shared with any interested suppliers or shipowners having software products that can make use of it.

The project is concluded. Download the final report here.

“With this work, shore side and vessel become even closer, so decisions are taken on a data driven basis where the most fuel-efficient route is established and followed.”

Anders Bruun, CEO, COACH Solutions

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COACH Solutions

FORCE Technology

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