Strengthening sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation in The Blue Denmark

Task leader: Open Ideaship

Denmark has a strong maritime sector that plays a central role in the economy, and in our international position. Denmark clearly has the potential to become a global leader in the blue aspect of the green transition.

The challenges the maritime sectors and the blue economy faces are clear as well. The scarcity and demand of green solutions are high, and the increasing need of recruiting are challenging, especially in terms of diversity. To ease these challenges, this project will focus on efforts that are strengthening sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, and the awareness on the blue economy, in the Danish startup-ecosystem.

In the 2024 budget proposal, the government has suggested allocating a total of 1.5 billion DKK from 2024-2027 for entrepreneurship efforts. With the 2030 plan, they aim to allocate further 1 billion DKK annually from 2030 as part of the government’s upcoming entrepreneurship strategy.

To position Denmark as a global leader within the blue transition and entrepreneurship, it is important to have clear strategies, initiatives, and coherent joint efforts that builds on a broad knowledge base from previous and current initiatives.

OCEAN IDEASHIP is leading the project, which is being conducted on the ShippingLab platform, ensuring broad involvement of stakeholders across The Blue Denmark and the Danish startup ecosystem. The purpose is to investigate which strategies, initiatives, and efforts can help strengthen Innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity in The Blue Denmark.

To ensure continuity and coherence, knowledge and experiences from past and current initiatives will be integrated into the project. The project will map and analyze how the integration of Det Blue Denmark can be strengthened in the Danish entrepreneurship ecosystem. Strength positions, potential focus areas, and growth potentials will be identified and compared with international efforts and results.

Analyses and recommendations for strategies for entrepreneurial efforts will be developed, It will be illuminated how a strengthened effort in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, can promote both the green transition, and contribute to easier recruitment, greater diversity, and growth.

Expected Results

The results are expected to influence political decisions and inform development strategies in a sustainable blue direction. Organizations and business actors will be able to use the results to collaborate on efforts that strengthen sustainable growth and innovation, attract talent, and improve diversity/gender balance. The project will also strengthen the collaboration between research institutions, entrepreneurs, and the business community to promote the blue transition and entrepreneurship in Denmark.