Autonomous Operating ROV for Imaging and 3-D Modelling of a Vessel

Task leader: Blue Atlas Robotics

Task number: 2.14

In this project we will design and manufacture a sellable version of our ROV which incorporates the technologies demonstrated by our prototype while incorporating lessons and feedback to meet real-word users’ needs.

The end-goal of the project is to have a finalized version of our small sized, autonomously operating underwater inspection ROV, with its unique image processing technology and tightly integrated large camera array that allows for software based automatic control and navigation of the ROV.

The ROV should be able to consistently and repeatably image and produce 3-D models of large underwater structures such as ship hulls, which will add new value to how the condition of the hull can be captured and monitored over time.

The project also includes the development of a complete software platform that will allow for data processing of the recorded images to generate the 3-D-models of surveyed objects. All 3-D data, images, videos and other analysis can be uploaded to a cloud-based storage solution and made available anywhere in the world through a user interface. The dense 3-D model additionally contains embedded information which links all recorded video to the location on the 3-D model where the images and videos were collected.

These elements are novel and truly innovative in the field of underwater ROVs, and our robot will be superior when compared to state-of-the-art solutions available today.

Task partners

Blue Atlas Robotics