Why join ShippingLab

Neutral platform

ShippingLab offers a neutral platform for development of technology and technical solutions for stakeholders in Blue Denmark, thus providing a platform where the different stakeholders in the maritime world can work together on developing technology that can optimize their own business and increase the efficiency of shipping.

Proven model for collaboration

ShippingLab functions through a proven model for collaboration between shipowners, technology suppliers and knowledge institutions that enables progress and balancing of interests.

Efficient governance structure

ShippingLab offers and efficient governance structure ensuring progress and focus on the objectives, but with freedom to adjust plans, methods and approaches along the way.

Assistance with funding

ShippingLab offers assistance in attracting financial support for research, development and/or innovation activities.


Participation in ShippingLab is free-of-charge and requires only that the partner is active in a ShippingLab project or a ShippingLab activity.