Bio Fuel Oil (BFO): A scalable and sustainable drop-in fuel for shipping

Task leader: Kvasir Technologies

Task number: 3.3

The main objective of this task is the development of a sustainable drop-in fuel that can be used in the vessels as they exist today and will continue to be built in the years to come. Kvasir Technologies has a patented technology to produce fuel oil from whole biomass which is validated in the lab. The aim of this project is to bring the technology from TRL 3/4 to TRL 6 which is proof of scalability on a continuous integrated small scale pilot setup.

Continuous oil production will by the end of this two year project have reached 1-10 l/h which is crucial for conducting relevant oil analyses (comparing to marine fuel standards) and accurately validating the process economy after continuous steady-state operation.

The purpose of this task is also to prepare for upscaling through increased production volume so that production campaign campaigns will lead to several tonnes of accumulated bio fuel oil sufficient for ship testing (20 ton per ship test estimated).

“At NORDEN, we want to drive the shipping industry towards a cleaner future. If we are to truly make a difference, testing fuel alternatives is the right starting point. The collaboration with Kvasir is highly welcomed, both as part of our aim to be a front runner in the decarbonisation agenda and because companies which think outside the box is a necessity in the process of finding the solutions of tomorrow.”

Henrik Røjel, Head of Fuel Efficiency and Decarbonisation, NORDEN

Task partners

Kvasir Technologies