CO2 Negative ISO8217 bio-bunker

Task leader: MASH Energy

Task number: 3.2

This task aims at validating and testing a novel biofuel from MASH Energy, a Danish biofuel producer originated from DTU. The fuel is a pyrolysis-based biofuel, which already complies with the ISO8217 standard. However, it is clear that the standard leaves a number of questions unanswered, which is why a campaign of in-situ testing on actual boilers and engines is required. For this reason, the fuel will be analyzed and tested for corrosion etc. at various test facilities. The test facilities include both boilers and engines.

The task represents a significant step towards decarbonization and reaching the 2050 emission targets. MASH Energy can use various kinds of waste product biomass to produce a CO2-neutral marine fuel, but full-scale tests are needed to expedite shipowner’s willingness to switch from today’s known fossil fuels to biofuels. This task supports DFDS effort to demonstrate that existing vessels can switch to CO2 negative biofuel, by leveraging the skills and knowledge within The Blue Denmark.

Task partners

MASH Energy

Alfa Laval Aalborg