Demo – Unmanned harbour bus

Task leader: Logimatic Engineering

Task number: 2.9

This task is focusing on

  • Testing of full autonomous functionalities package in completely unmanned ferry
  • Requirements, detailed design, interface documents, installation
  • Sea tests to support fast prototyping with stepwise refinement
  • Final validation and demonstration of autonomous harbour bus

”We believe that autonomy on board ferry boats holds a key to future cost-effective solutions for inter-connecting communities and cities. We are therefore delighted to lead this task with the objective to demonstrate system integration and autonomy on the Limfjord ferry towards the final stages of the ShippingLab project.”

Troels Severinsen, CEO, Logimatic Engineering.

Task partners

Logimatic Engineering

DTU Electrical Engineering

Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine

“It has been very interesting to join efforts with the expert team from DTU Electrical Engineering for collecting data on the small test vessel “Fjordbussen”, sometimes in rather challenging conditions with heavy rain and poor sight and both during day and night. We look forward to continuing the experiments and bring the innovative technology onboard the Limfjord ferry.”

Lars Brøndbjerg, Technical test-survey lead, CLS